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A better place
to work

With plans for 69677 square metres of business space, Mountfield Park is set to become a major business focus within east Kent.

Providing potential for over 3,700 jobs, the benefits for the city’s economy will be substantial.

Over the 15 year plan, there will be numerous opportunities for local business and trades to contribute considerably to the development of Mountfield Park and the wider community.

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Flexible, modern and affordable business space will ensure Mountfield Park meets a range of needs, from small start-ups to expanding companies and regional HQ’s.

Set within a high-quality landscape and with easy access to high quality public transport and local shops, this is an ideal place for business investment.

4,000 square metres of retail floorspace will be available for local shopping to support the new community. Centrally located, with easy access by foot, bicycle and bus, retail opportunities will be available for a new foodstore, cafes, specialist shops and a local pharmacy, providing everyday services to local residents.

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