Welcome to the virtual exhibition for the South Canterbury development, where we explain our proposals across a range of topic areas.

Through the local plan process, the local authority allocated South Canterbury as an appropriate place to deliver 25% of the 16,000 new homes objectively assessed to be needed in Canterbury by 2031.

The Local Plan was adopted in 2017 following inspection by an independent inspector. It will not be changed, and represents a blueprint for the District up to 2031.

We take the responsibilities of bringing forward development in historic Canterbury very seriously, and we are committed to working with local people on the delivery of the scheme once consented. A planning permission is only the beginning of a very long design and delivery process, and we hope that local people with an array of interests will want to get involved in making South Canterbury a beautiful exemplar zero carbon scheme.

We are committed to South Canterbury for the long-term. We will invest substantially in the early years to support the growth of the community, and we will sustain that investment to achieve a beautiful, healthy and popular place of which we and the city can be proud.